CE Info

Continuing Education Hours

The conference provides an opportunity to obtain continuing education credits for LSOTPs (18 hours/person).

While 34.5 total hours have been approved across all credit types, 18 maximum hours are available per person, as a variety of classes are offered at the same time. Each session is worth 1.5 CEUs.

The Council on Sex Offender Treatment is an approved Continuing Education Provider for LSOTPs.

Total Hours Approved: 34.5
Offender Hours: 28.5 (15 hours/person max)
Victim Hours: 4.5 (4.5 hours/person max)
Ethics Hours: 7.5 (6 hours/person max)

Total CEUs Possible:
18 hours (max/person)

2018 Conference Schedule

Remember: The CSOT Conference offers multiple sessions to choose from across the same block of time, making the total number of approved hours larger than the maximum number of sessions possible to attend within the three-day time frame.